Two Insights: The Importance of Purpose

In many of our leadership workshops, we talk about the importance of purpose. Intellectually, leaders understand this. But when we invite them spontaneously to explain briefly, passionately and persuasively what their team’s purpose is… it seems to be a real challenge. Here’s my observation (and you can quote me): Without real purpose, it is impossible […]

Is Your Boss a Psycho or a Psychologist?

As a young man, I spent two years in Ohio as a volunteer missionary. Some people would want to contend with my views. I was tempted to debate but a wise leader explained: “You can’t afford to win the argument and lose the people.” I believe that people matter most. This is what I tell […]

Do it. Do it now. Do it until it is done.

A diving experience I had in Iceland recently made me consider the importance of fully committing. The Silfra Tectonic Fissure is a unique phenomenon with some of the clearest water in the world, which has taken 300 years to filter through into this gap between the American and Eurasian continental plates (you can touch two continents at the same […]

GO SMALL (What will you DO differently?)

Less than 1% of leadership training is applied just three months following the training. Well, that is the received wisdom. Which is why our leadership/team development sessions focus on actions, concrete observable actions – the sort that you can instantly recognise whether you have done them or not. Delegates are inspired during the workshops and start making […]

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

I was recently teaching MBA students at HEC Paris, one of the  world’s leading business schools, about the crucial role of communication in both the development and delivery of good strategy. To make this point, we deconstructed reports from some of the biggest names in business consultancy, filtering out the jargon and non-essential words to reveal […]

Luther Pendragon – Dancing with the Devil

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has dropped Luther Pendragon, claiming it did so as soon as it learned the agency has decided to work for tobacco company Phillip Morris. Good! I’m glad that the ABPI has distanced itself from an agency that is prepared to promote a company that sells products that kill and injure […]

What if Max Clifford was an axe murderer?

*Updated Dec-2017 on the announcement of Max Clifford’s death. When news broke that he had been found guilty of indecent assaults, I felt queasy… Max Clifford was the reason I nearly didn’t start a career in corporate communications; and, perversely, he was the reason I eventually did! When I moved back to the UK, having spent two years in […]